Dive Watches

A men's diver's watch is the perfect accessory for diving enthusiasts.


TANK Dive Watch

Want to know how deep you've gone? How long you've been underwater for? Ever wanted to go on a scuba dive but never got your certification? What your temperature is, or how much time you have left on the dive reel? Enter the Dive Computer Watch.


TANK Dive Computer Watch

The Dive Computer Watch is the wearable that combines a dive computer with a watch at an affordable price.
  • Dimension
  • Dia47xT15mm
  • Barometer
  • 300-1100hpa
  • Max Depth
  • 50m
  • Waterproof
  • 100m
  • Watch Case
  • Stainless steel
  • Altimeter
  • -500--9000m
  • Temperature
  • -20°C--60°C
  • Free Dive
  • yes


TANK Diving Computer Watch

* Time display function, display time, minute, second, month, day, week, 12/24H, initial value is(2020-1-01 12:00 00 WED )* Alarm function* Countdown function, the initial value of (0:00.00,12:00(0FF)* Stopwatch function, the initial value is (0:00’000, (0FF)* Step counting, exercise time, pace, mileage, calories consumption* Altitude, relative altitude* Air pressure curve,...
Color* Black


Corrosion Resistant

Under water, whether we are swiping the arm or operating the instrument, we need to rotate the wrist flexibly. At this time, the watch needs to be tightly fitted and fixed on the wrist. Although many diving watches are equipped with metal straps, the chemical composition in seawater will cause slight corrosion to them, so it is still recommended to replace them with rubber straps with better water resistance and corrosion resistance during diving.

Luminous indication

In the dark and helpless underwater, we will strongly experience the yearning for light. As the basis for reading time underwater, all diving watches will be equipped with striking luminous hands and scales. Usually the hands, scales or surfaces of diving watches are coated with fluorescent materials, and the size of the hands and scales are deliberately enlarged to make it easier for divers to read.

17 functions

Dive watches are the ultimate water-resistant watch that is suitable for any activity, especially diving. This complicated diving watch is waterproof up to 200 meters and has compass function. With a rotating bezel, stopwatch function, and a luminous dial.It has 17 functions, including compass function, to meet the requirements of military and outdoor sports. It's a perfect balance of rugged features and refined design, which is why it's a favorite of both gentlemen and ladies.


The altitude is calculated under altimeter mode according to the reference data, and the reference data is sea lever air pressure or previous altitude reference data.

Displaying the following views:

1.Relative altitude: measure the altitude difference Between one place and a special place

2.Temperature: measure the current temperature

3.Climbing or decent speed


It will display the current air pressure data,sea level air pressure data,history air pressure change chart and so on.Sea level air pressure data is displayed on the upper part of the screen; The air pressure change chart displays the air pressure change record for 24 hours, the record interval is 30 minutes.


Under compass mode, watch need to keep level.If no any key operation in 30s, compass will switch to power saving mode, display “START”


Under dive mode, the watch will automatically measure water depth every 1 seconds. LCD display:

When the diving water mode is an open state, the left side of the upper part display a down arrow icon V, the right side display the currentdiving depth data;the lower part displays the current temperature.When the diving depth arrives 50m(165Ft), the screen will appear “full”,and the “full”replaces of “50 meters”.


CAPTAIN Diving Computer Watch

* Time function: hour/minute/second, year (2019-2099)/ month/date/week,twotime modes to switch* Alarm clock reminding function* World time and daylight saving time setting* Stopwatch function (0-99:59:59:9),Max record 50 sets of data* Pedometer,speed measurement,distance record,record calorie* Compass,height, air pressure, temperature, air pressure change trend* 24-hour air pressure changing curve and sea level air pressure* Check sports...
Color* Steel
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